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Copywriting for slogans and straplines

Because 'Just Do It' has been taken.

Job number 267 on the 'to do' list for many a new brand is to find a short sentence that explains what they do in a memorable, punchy fashion.


The same can be true for new product descriptions.

Sometimes the answer comes like a bolt of lightning and is the perfect fit. Other times owners can be rolling words around in their heads until they start seeing stars.


"We make it happen?"


"We will make it happen?"


"Happen we will make it?"


You get the idea. For a fresh perspective, and the dedicated thinking time of someone who lives and breathes words, try a freelance copywriter like me who can help you find the snappy line that has been evading you.

If you'd like an experienced writer to help with your slogans or straplines, drop me a line.

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