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work that counts for something...

Hi. I'm Mike. I've been providing people with words for their websites, marketing campaigns and printed material for more than 15 years.

All businesses today need well-written content to explain what they do to their audience.

It's that simple. If your customers are left scratching their heads, you've lost them.

Helping businesses ensure that their customers are with them – rather than against them – is at the heart of what I do. For more than 15 years, I have been using words to simplify complex subjects so that everyone can grasp them.

My experience spans everything from website copywriting, brochures and sales emails to ghostwriting interviews for CEOs and developing in-depth reports.

I've written more than a million words for brands as big as Harrods, Natwest, The British Standards Institution and Virgin Atlantic. Today I combine all of this writing experience with new tech tools to ensure crisp, clear copy that is right for the time-pressed audiences of 2023.

These are the top 5 ways I use my experience as a professional copywriter to help businesses grow...

1/ I bring website projects to life
Here's a common problem: you know better than anyone what your business does. I bet your elevator pitch is brilliant.

But when you need to strip everything down to the bare bones for your website, there's a good chance your message loses its clarity.
The trouble is, you've only got two or three seconds to hook someone. If you can't do that, your new customer will go somewhere else instead.

My background in digital content and, specifically,
creating websites
 means I can quickly explain your business – and make it sound great. Just as I did for major international shipping container brand TITAN, for example.

I'll take a helicopter view of what you do and make sure that people see the most important elements first. It's my goal to show your audience that
your business is exactly what they are looking for.

2/ I provide the building blocks for your ENTIRE website
You'd be surprised by how many well-intentioned business owners struggle to get their website project off the ground – whether launching a new site or refreshing the content of an existing website. 

That's because they don't realise
the sheer volume of work involved. Once designers, developers and SEO experts start working on your website project, trying to manage everything can become overwhelming.

I've worked with designers and developers for decades and can
communicate with your other freelancers (or in-house team) from the get-go – so that everyone is on the same page.

Alternatively, many clients prefer to
use my work as the foundation for the whole project.

I can take care of
keyword research, optimise the copy for both conversion and SEO, consider the user experience (UX copywriting) and – crucially – provide a basic design showing how I believe the site could work. This is based on logic, UX and current web trends – and it is a tangible first draft to take to your designer. 

It really helps to
simplify the whole process.

3/ I create email copy that speaks directly to your customers
Email copywriting is a proven way to connect with your audience. But people are inundated with marketing emails.

So how do you get them to
open yours?

When people hire me as their email copywriter, that's the question that keeps me awake at night. What is the
best possible subject line for your audience? What is the right kind of language?

And, most importantly,
what message will convince them to click on your link?

I've written more than
5,000 pieces of content and know how to speak to people directly. I know how to sell things in an enticing way. I use words to build interest and excitement.

I also regularly provide advice (and rough designs) showing how the email should/could look so that the words and images are in harmony. The result? A message that is coherent and inviting.

4/ I add sparkle to dull, underperforming copy
Whether you have a tired company brochure or a dull LinkedIn profile that needs updating, I can help.

I've helped businesses across the UK and further afield to
transform how people perceive them by revitalising their written content.

Sometimes, your words might just need a polish. Or they might need to be replaced completely.

I've helped upgrade 
corporate biographies, brand statements, in-house training documents, Instagram profiles and every other type of written content you can think of.

If you want to swap lifeless copy from the company archives for
something with a bit more zest, give me a try.

5/ I'll help sell your business to a brand new audience
Need a new brochure that will show your latest product in the best possible light? A trade banner designed to pull in a crowd at an exhibition you're attending? How about a landing page your new AdWords campaign audience will see (complete with a clear, compelling offer)?

These are the jobs that I take on for new clients every month. And it's quite a process! I'll want to know
what your goals are, who your audience is, what your competitors are doing and what sets you apart.

And then I'll find the words to tell your story.

In a copywriting and website writing career spanning many years, I have helped create original content that inspires action and builds relationships for dozens of brands, from small businesses to medium-sized SMEs and large international corporations.

I've helped software companies, international airlines, hypnotherapists, recruitment firms, dental practi
ces, business advisors, luxury property specialists, packaging firms, green energy startups, shipping container companies, podcast creators, lift manufacturers, major media brands and more. I also have a large portfolio of work for luxury sector clients.

Contact me to find out how I can help you, too.

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Some of the brands I have worked with:
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Case studies
Also known as 'the bit where I did X for them to show I can do Y for you.'
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