Great brands, large and small, know how to speak to their customers.

The wrong tone is off-putting.

Poor signposting is confusing. 

Content for content's sake is always boring.

Brands have one chance to get it right.

The best website content always starts with a conversation.

A seasoned copywriter wants to know:

What does the brand stand for? What are its vision and values? What makes it special in a sea of noise?

What are you hoping your customers take away from this encounter?

In a career spanning more than two decades, I have helped create original content that inspires action and builds relationships for dozens of brands.

I can do the same for you.​


Some of the brands I have worked with:

Freelance writer Mike Peake is an award-winning journalist, copywriter and content creator with clients in the UK, Dubai and Singapore. His credits and bylines as a writer have appeared in more than 40 magazines and newspapers, including The Sunday Times, Harrods magazine, Country Life, Gulf News (UAE), Outside magazine, Esquire and many more.


A former senior editor of one of the world's biggest lifestyle magazines, he is today chiefly engaged in writing articles for clients in the business and luxury sectors, as well as several other fields. Most recently, much of his work has been as a freelance business writer, with repeat commissions for a variety of well-known UK business outlets aimed at SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Copywriting, content creation and website copy/blogging work all regularly undertaken.

Please contact mike.peake@gmail.com 

“Mike is a gifted wordsmith who can turn his hand to anything, from bespoke denim to artisanal cafes. I would highly recommend him

as a writer.”