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Corporate content writing
& copywriting

The serious stuff needs a safe pair of hands.

The 'news' or 'insights' channels of large corporate websites are typically written by people like me – freelance writers with lots of experience.


We know just what it takes to deliver a jargon-free, on-brand piece of copy that will get a succession of nods as it passes through the approval process.

These kinds of articles typically need an accomplished writer who is comfortable setting up interviews with busy CEOs and other senior execs; someone who isn't going to ruffle feathers and who understands the need to keep relevant parties in the loop as required.

Where copywriting meets journalism

The two disciplines of journalism and copywriting often merge when it comes to corporate writing.


These days, many large companies need branded content that is part copywriting, part article writing – and sometimes something in between.

My experience covers both sides of the table.

I've written web content for multiple large corporate clients, spanning the construction, maritime, banking and marketing sectors – and more. 

And I've taken on pure freelance copywriting assignmets for large shipping container companies, paper manufacturers and global marketing intelligence brands. 

If you'd like help with your corporate content, why not drop me a line?

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