Brochure copywriting

It's your 'leave behind' and it needs to hit the right note.

Brochure copy can be dull, dull, dull.

Or it can be brilliant – an insightful glimpse into your brand, what you do, and why people should be excited by you and want to work with you.

As an accomplished freelance copywriter, I can help you find the right content for your brochures, working within brand guidelines and adding headlines and subheads as needed.


When necessary, I will interview key members of the team for that all-important inside information and some colourful comments that will add life to the story.

Brochure copywriting can be a fantastic assignment for a writer to sink his or her teeth into, because it's a golden opportunity to create a memorable 'leave behind' that will really sell your business.

If you'd like help with your brochure content, why not drop me a line?