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Need a brochure copywriter?

Brochure copywriting is a touch different from SEO-focused work. You likely need great content, a rich brand story and a shade of creative copywriting too.

"Mike is the best copywriter I have ever worked with!"  

Rob Payne, co-founder, VoidFill Packaging – Nov 2022

Unlike web content and digital marketing material which tends to be updated almost by the hour, a printed corporate brochure is often a very different proposition.

That's because the time and costs involved with creating the document can be significant: the 1,000 brochures you get made today will probably need to serve you well next year, too.


So it's not about capturing your business at that nanosecond in time: a corporate brochure is created to show your past, present and future.

Things are slightly different, of course, if your brochure has a more focused purpose, such as promoting a new product or offer.


This kind of brochure has more in tune with a regular sales/marketing copywriting assignment, and a good brochure copywriter should be comfortable with either brief.


Why brochure copy really counts

Sales brochures that you hand out at trade shows or give to customers who come into your store need to be persuasive. There is a knack to writing great copy that inspires people to take the next step – and there are notable, proven frameworks that copywriters employ, too.

Creating brochure copy that is sufficiently evergreen to enjoy a shelf life beyond your immediate focus requires a more measured approach.


You'd need a brochure copywriter who understands how this kind of work differs from other copywriting assignments – and who can tell your brand story effectively.

A good corporate brochure copywriter ultimately wants to tell a great story. Cold, emotionless fluff about the brand will achieve literally nothing. If you think of your brochure as a biography of your company, it's clear that it should educate and inspire anyone into whose hands it is thrust.

A freelance copywriter working on your brochure content will try and give your potential customers an authentic flavour of your brand. While a traditional brochure will set out to explain your company history, values, highlights and key services, in the hands of an expert brochure copywriter it will do more.

It will pick out all of the many benefits that working with your company will bring to a client. These need not be explicit – the way in which the brochure copy is written can convey as much authority as a bold statement about making a client's life easier.


The secret of great brochure copywriting

I believe that corporate brochure copywriting has a lot in common with good, old-fashioned journalism.


A journalist will gather all the information that is available to them, pause to consider the best way to bring it to life, and then get busy – checking in to edit and improve at regular intervals.

As a successful journalist before I decided to focus my attention on freelance copywriting, I know questions to ask and how to structure a story or article in a way that copywriters who come from more of an advertising background sometimes don't.

I'll extract information from key members of your team, work on eye-catching headlines, and find the words that will show your company in its best light.


And if your brochure has more of a specific function – such as to generate interest in your new project – I'll swap copywriting hats. I'll come at it from more of a sales angle.


Creating great copy for your target audience

Writing brochures is an opportunity for a copywriter to speak directly to your customers on your behalf. It's a way to show how you solve customers' pain points, highlight your USPs and services, establish your space within your industry and take readers on a whistle-stop tour of your world.

It can pin-point your successes, highlight important case studies, show potential clients the services you offer and provide a memorable snapshot of your business.

It can convey a sense of trust and experience, create new leads at trade shows, and complement your website material.


Above all, a well-designed, beautifully-written brochure can show your target audience that you take your communications and brand image seriously. It can make you seem more credible.


My brochure copywriting services

If you want to work with me as your brochure copywriter, I'll spend some time with you working out all of the following:

  1. The purpose. What do you want to achieve with your brochure? Is this a glossy leave-behind or is it being created to prompt immediate action?

  2. The tone. Are you aiming for light and breezy or serious and comprehensive? Or will your brochure copy be somewhere between the two.

  3. The elements. Do you need a full company history or more of a time-line with bullet points? Is this the place to introduce the senior team, or would you rather come across as a united 'whole'? I'll help you to identify the different sections you need and help you settle on an appropriate word count, too.

  4. The look and feel of the brochure. Are you happy with oodles of white space, or do you want something that tells a more detailed story? I can write a brochure in tandem with your design team if needed.



If you'd like help with your next brochure, or would like to see some of my copywriting work, please drop me a line.

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