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Tone of voice development

When your brand 'speaks', what kind of sound comes out? 

Your tone of voice is the way in which you speak to your audience.

You might be fun and quirky.

You might be serious and businesslike.

You might be wild and adventurous.

Or perhaps you're not quite sure yet.

When searching for your tone of voice, you can be guided by your brand values and mission statement. If you don't have these, I can help.


These can then serve as your 'north star' as you navigate future communications. They give you something to fall back on when wondering how to run your business, and how to talk about it.

Working with a freelance copywriter to define a tone of voice for your business is an important step in creating a brand. Once you've found it, it can help to make everything clearer.


This is a very important question, and will involve a detailed look 'under the hood' of your brand.


When were you founded? Why? What need do you serve? How do you treat your customers? What do you do differently? What is the essence of your brand?

Remember: it isn't a given that a 'dull' sector requires a gloomy, serious brand. In the world of insurance, perhaps there is an opportunity to be the upbeat, quirky brand within your niche.

In the ultra-jolly world of children's toys and playthings, it may be that your approach is more focused on education and development.


Differentation is often helpful and helps you to find a unique place within your sector..

To help you find your tone of voice, we'll look at your history, your goals, your values and your vision – and a tone of voice will emerge.

We can then move forward with new content using that voice – or you can go it alone, confident that you now know just how to speak to your audience.

It's all a key part of making sure that your website and communications are on-brand and consistent.

If you'd like help developing your brand's tone of voice, why not drop me a line?

How can the right tone of voice help shape your business?

What is the right tone of voice for your business?

"I was picky when choosing our copywriter – I'm so glad I hit the jackpot with Mike! He gets it. Quick, self-propelled, adaptable – and super professional to work with."

Ingrid Söderberg, Marketing & Growth Manager, Upsales – Jan 2024

A professional copywriter for your tone of voice development

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