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Website content writing & copywriting

Your website content writer needs to sell what you do quickly, efficiently... and with a dash of style.

As an experienced website content writer, I can help you find ways to make your website copy work harder. Here's how:

1/ You need copy that will quickly let your audience know in as clear and enticing a way as possible what it is that your business does. Thousands of websites get this wrong – I'll work hard to make sure we get it right.

2/ I'll work out how to write web content that allows people to move through your site with ease – with a clear idea of where they currently are and where they should go next.

3/ I'll take time to think about the words that will encourage visitors to complete an action – such as getting in touch or making a purchase.

My goal as a UK freelance website content copywriter is to get to the heart of your business and create engaging copy that stops visitors from scratching their heads.

Flair recruitment – website copywriting
KES website copywriting
Endodontic Clinic website writing

"This was exactly what I needed, Mike. Fast, efficient website copywriting – and you got me on page one of Google!"  

Bradley Taafe, founder, Green Mile Electrical – March 2023

Why hire me as a copywriter for website content?

This type of work keeps me busy for about 60-70% of the average working week (the rest is split between other types of copywriting work). So working as a website content writer is the bulk of what I do. I've been a website copywriter for numerous different businesses, from ambitious startups to medium-sized firms. I write web content for large corporations, too.


As for the subjects – it's an eclectic mix. I've helped everyone from property companies to creativity consultants; graphic design houses to packaging specialists; software companies to art collection platforms. If you're wondering how I can write web content for such a diverse range of clients, the answer is that everything comes down to a great brief and some research. I will work with you during discovery to learn about exactly what you do – and identify what you need. It's a two-way process, and together we will get to the finish line.

If your sector is so utterly confusing that I don't feel up to writing copy for your website, I'll say so. There are plenty of content writers for websites around.



The process when you hire me as your freelance content writer for web projects typically looks something like this:

  1. A client gets in touch with either a rough or a very clear idea of what they need from their website copywriter. They ask about my availability and fees.

  2. If I'm available and they want to book me in, we'll have a phone or Zoom chat to identify the client's precise needs. Once I know what a client wants, we can agree on a brief and a timescale for deliverables.

  3. I send out a detailed questionnaire to help me understand the business I am writing about. I need to know your goals, your USPs, who your customer is and what you do better or differently to your competitors. This goldmine of information helps me to write your web content. At this stage, we can also look at websites of other brands that you like and discuss the right tone of voice for your business.

  4. Further discussions by phone/email will fill in any gaps.

  5. An initial piece of 'tester' website copy is sometimes sent to the client to make sure I'm on the right track. For larger projects spanning several weeks, I can build in a number of 'fire-breaks' to ensure that everything is in line with your expectations. These are a great way to ensure that we're aligned throughout and that my job as your web site content writer goes swimmingly.

  6. After the web copy has been filed, there is typically a round of revisions – a chance for the client to ask their freelance content writer (me!) to amend certain parts of the web content I provided if they want to.

What happens when a new client wants me to look after their website content writing

Artbanx copywriting

In summary, when you hire me as your website content writer, I'll take some time to plan everything out – much as I once did when editing magazines. Then I'll deliver the copy that feel is right for your business.


Experience counts for a lot, and I'll work as efficiently as possible. My goal, in many ways, is to function as a small website copywriting agency, meeting all of your site's need.

A final reminder: the right words on your website are absolutely critical. They are an integral part of the customer journey – and there is an art to making a website readable, accessible and clear. So please: don't fudge it.


You don't have to hire me, but for the sake of your business, dig deep and hire a professional website copywriter. You'll find some on the Pro Copywriter UK site, and believe me when I say that a bone fide writer for website content can be worth his/her weight in gold!

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