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Are you looking for an international copywriter?

I have clients in Denmark, Poland, Sweden, Belgium, Japan and Finland who call me whenever they need a native English speaker for their international copywriting.

I am frequently left in awe by the incredibly high levels of English that are spoken overseas. Brits tend not to excel when it comes to speaking different languages, but one thing we do have in our favour is that we know our own language inside out.

As a result, British freelance copywriters like myself have an edge over local freelancers when international firms in mainland Europe and further afield need copy for their English-language marketing material or websites.

I have written more than 75,000 words for international clients, including Danish, Belgian, Japanese, Swedish, Finnish, Swiss, French and Polish businesses. Their positive feedback is a regular reminder of the need for this kind of focused, highly professional work.

"At TITAN Containers, we've discovered a true wordsmith in Mike. I am proud to recommend him to those in need of exceptional copywriting services." 
Rasmus Nørgaard, Group CMO, TITAN Containers,  Denmark. January 2024
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What is an international copywriter?

An international copywriter is someone who can write in their native language for a company in another country that needs copy in that language. The language most in demand globally is, of course, English.

In many cases, a team based in Norway, for example, will have a Norwegian website that is looked after by a Norwegian copywriter. However, when they need an English-language version of the site – or wish to launch in the UK – they will need a native English copywriter in most cases.

My 20+ years of writing experience – in English – make me a safe pair of hands in circumstances like this. I'll make sure your international copy is right for your English-speaking audience.

What's wrong with using Google Translate?

Modern internet-based language translation platforms are amazing – but only up to a point. Embarrassing mistakes can easily be made when the tech tool you are using misinterprets something

Additionally, direct translations through AI-based apps and platforms often feel cold and flat. What works in one language just doesn't feel right in another – and your target audience will notice this. Hiring a native English-speaking writer will help you avoid falling into this trap.


In short, relying on a web-based translation for your brand's marketing material or website (including auto-translate) will rarely result in your company showing itself in the best light.

What is the risk of using a local copywriter who speaks English?

English is the most widely spoken second language in the world. It is spoken beautifully by people from Italy to India; Brazil to Bangladesh. 

However, when you use a local copywriter in your territory who speaks excellent English but isn't a native English speaker, it can result in copy that misses the mark. That's because your writer hasn't fully mastered the many important nuances of the language. And even the tiniest inaccuracy can make your target audience sense that something's not quite right.


Less-than-perfect translation can kill the 'flow' of your copy and interfere with the user journey. When you work with an English copywriter such as myself, I will take time to make sure that all of the messaging just works.

Why hire me as your English-language copywriter?

I have been creating well-written content for more than 20 years. While many of my clients have been in the UK, I have also written copy that has appeared in Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, France, Dubai, Switzerland, Poland, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, the USA, Australia and Canada. Some of these countries speak English, of course, but in others, it is not their main language.

If hired by a client in Germany, for example, I understand that the goal wouldn't be to provide an exact replica of the German site in English. The skill of a copywriter who works for international clients is to assess what the client needs in order for their English-language marketing material or website to resonate with an English-speaking audience – which rarely means simply duplicating the copy.

The process usually requires some research skills to ensure that the copy isn't "too British" (using miles instead of kilometres, for example, or using phrases that are too obscure). It also needs someone with the confidence and experience to explain to the client that the copy being delivered is appropriate for international audiences.

I have extensive experience working with CMOs, heads of content and other senior executives at non-UK companies. I can help them find the best solution for their needs. I take time to understand the company's target audience and goals, and I strive to create the words they need in perfect English.

How to get in touch to find out more

Please just email me or fill out my quick contact form. I'll be happy to talk to you about whatever your business needs, from email marketing and corporate content writing to website copywriting. As well as providing English-language copywriting to brands, I offer SEO-optimisation as part of my writing packages if required.

"I was picky when choosing our copywriter – I'm so glad I hit the jackpot with Mike! He gets it. Quick, self-propelled, adaptable – and super professional to work with." 
Ingrid Söderberg, Marketing & Growth Manager, Upsales, Sweden. January 2024
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