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Blog writing and content strategy

It's the 'bread and butter' of many a website – but copywriting for blogs really needs to count.

When a business owner decides they are going to start writing a blog, it is usually with the best of intentions... but with limited appreciation of the effort involved.​

What to write about?


What's all this about keywords, meta-descriptions and SEO copywriting?

Is anybody actually reading your work?

Committing to an ongoing blog strategy requires significant resources.

Google rewards sites with well-written blogs because they help to demonstrate authority within a sector. For this reason, blogs remain an important marketing and SEO tool.

Which is why you need an experienced blog copywriter.


I have written SEO-enriched blogs on a freelance basis for multiple businesses, including clinical hypnotherapists, medical companies, creativity experts, household staffing agencies, online retailers and more.

One client now has more than 2,000 blogs on their website. For them, blogs work. Blogs are their main form of digital marketing (content marketing, to be precise), bringing in thousands of visitors a month.


You probably don't need an industry expert for your blog – just someone who understands how and why blogs work and who is willing to learn about your business.


You need someone who can help you come up with a plan – and then write your SEO-friendly blogs as they are needed.

Blog copywriting used to be cheap – you could find a blog writer who would knock out a quick story rammed with a few keywords for £50 or less. 

Things are different today. On the one hand, you can get AI to write your blogs for free. Will they be any good? That's for you to decide.

A profesionally written blog post by pro freelance copywriters today will cost anything from £150 to £2,000.


I'm talking a serious blog here that has been written with ranking intent. Something that is designed to demonstrate the EEAT (experience, expertise, authority and trust) that are so highly prized by Google.

Why a blog could be an incredible digital marketing tool for your business

Does your freelance blog copywriter need to know your sector?

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How keyword research, CTAs and SEO tools help elevate the value of your blog post

My services include keyword research and other SEO optimisation to make sure that your investment is as focused as can be. Then we have to consider the best CTA, too.

All of which takes time. Which is why my starting rate for a 500-word blog in 2024 is around £250.


It's not cheap, I know. But if my copywriting skills can bring in visitors to your site who may not otherwise have found you, the investment can be worth it. Thousands of hugely successful companies believe it is.

If you'd like help from a seasoned freelance copywriter with your blog content and planning, drop me a line.

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