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Blog writing and content strategy

It's the 'bread and butter' of many a website – but writing for blogs really needs to count.

When a business owner decides they are going to start writing a blog, it is usually with the best of intentions... but with limited appreciation of the effort involved.​

What to write about?


What's all this about keywords, meta-descriptions and SEO copywriting?

Is anybody actually reading your work?

Google rewards sites with well-written blogs because they help to demonstrate authority within a sector. For this reason, blogs remain an important marketing and SEO tool.

Which is why you need an experienced blog writer.


I have written SEO-enriched blogs on a freelance basis for multiple businesses, including clinical hypnotherapists, medical companies, creativity experts, household staffing agencies, online retailers and more.


You probably don't need an industry expert for your blog – just someone who understands how and why blogs work and who is willing to learn about your business. Someone who can help you come up with a plan – and then write your SEO-friendly blogs as they are needed.

If you'd like help from a seasoned copywriter with your blogs, drop me a line.

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