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Need a luxury brand copywriter?

A leading luxury brand will handle all of its messaging with utmost care. Likewise, an emerging business in the luxury market will use content to help differentiate it from run-of-the-mill alternatives. I look after luxury copywriting across the entire sector.

Do I own a Rolls Royce Spectre? Or wear a Patek Philippe watch? In my dreams, perhaps.


What I do have is a comprehensive understanding of how to write for businesses that market to discerning, luxury consumers.

This insight was acquired over the course of a decade in which I was a principal writer for Harrods, one of the world's biggest luxury brands.


Alongside this, I have created web and print content for Superyacht Life, The Mayfair Magazine, Etihad Airways, KLM, Singapore Airlines, Johnnie Walker and, most recently, the magazine of the House of Creed, one of Paris' most exclusive fragrance houses.

A luxury copywriter needs a background of this calibre if he or she is to deliver the kind of content that will resonate with your target audience. Many luxury brands hire a specialist copywriter like me to do exactly this.

What is luxury brand copywriting?

Luxury audiences expect to read copy that has been written for them. It's not about being formal or 'expensive'; it's about being aspirational.


Purveyors of luxury goods need brand communications that just 'feel' right; the copywriting they need will be representative of a cohesive brand voice that is distinct from mass-market branding.


Well-written luxury brand copy is evocative. It subtly helps consumers justify their purchases, high price tags be damned. It can boost marketing strategies, encourage brand loyalty, and lets customers feel an affinity for the company in a way that lacklustre copy does not.


Luxury brand copywriting is also about finding the right tone. It's about knowing when to take a step back. Sometimes a simple, beautiful sentence is as rich as a 500-word essay.

Christie's luxury copywriting
Harrods luxury copywriting
Luxury sector copywriting

Why luxury brands need specialist copywriting

My work as a freelance copywriter has enabled me to experience multiple different worlds, and while each new assignment needs a very specific and focused approach, few sectors require as much careful attention as the luxury market.

Prestigious brands need a luxury copywriter who will remain consistent in their delivery, bringing out the aspirational and inspirational qualities of their products and capitalising on their emotional appeal. No one, after all, needs a tenth Louis Vuitton handbag.

The emotional appeal of that item, however, can't be overstated.

A focus on exclusivity

When I create copy for brands operating in the luxury industry, I have one eye on the exclusivity of the product or experience I am writing about; the other is on making sure that high-end consumers feel that their impeccable taste is being catered to. They expect the very best service, the utmost quality and the right kind of language.

Having visited the manufactures of Vacheron Constantin and Blancpain, been served a 40-year-old vintage at Château Mouton Rothschild and spent an enjoyable morning discussing luxury vehicles with the CEO of Aston Martin, I can pull from a rich mine of experiences when writing luxury copy.

The modern luxury consumer is not easily hoodwinked. Great copy has to be authentic, appropriate and tap into the emotional value that goes hand-in-hand with making a luxury purchase.

Luxury copywriting for your business

If you'd like to hear how my luxury brand copywriting can be put to good use for your business, then please just get in touch.


I take on luxury copywriting engagements not just for UK brands, but for businesses in Dubai, Singapore, the US – and anywhere else where a discerning customer needs to feel a connection with high-end brand messaging.


An international copywriter for the luxury sector who is a native-English speaker can be an asset to luxury brands from France to Hong Kong.

I am typically available in around 2-4 weeks after first contact, and am happy to work with marketing teams as necessary. For the launch of a brand new website in the luxury sector, I can also help with wireframes and website content planning.

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