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a freelance copywriter for
your website and marketing content

(who just gets it!)                

Targeted, persuasive copywriting designed to help startups, SMEs and industry giants boost sales, find new leads and connect with their audience

– quickly.

certified awesome!

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"All your copywriting work is absolutely world-class, Mike. I don't know how you do it, but you nail it every time. I'm still smiling at this last bit you did for us!"  


David Morgan, founder, Boardroom Punks

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Caution! Writing your own copy – or hiring a novice – could be bad for your business!

Great copywriting is REALLY hard. Every word, every sentence, every snippet of critical information MUST count – or you'll lose your audience.


And your sales will suffer.

Did you know that up to                   of readers will get no further than your headline? Or that:

  • Writing a comprehensive website could (and should) take several weeks.

  • Creating a persuasive direct-response email that people will open requires ingenuity and experience.

  • Brochures, Facebook ads and video explainers will die without careful planning and crystal-clear goals.


Copywriting is no place for part-timers or novices! And taking the DIY route will put you on a path littered with pitfalls.

If this isn't your day job, why waste time on a

business-critical process that is likely to underperform?


The nuclear sign. Must be really bad.

Hi. I'm Mike. I create targeted, tailored copy for companies large and small that is designed to attract clients and quickly help your audience to understand why they should work with you or buy from you.

It's that simple. Even if it is really hard to do.


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I use words to help your audience:

Understand what you do.


Have confidence in your brand.


Know what to do next (buy, sign up etc.) 


Complete that action.


Current & previous clients include:

So, what can I actually do for you?


Business owners


I create easy-to-follow, focused web copy that explains your benefits and nudges customers towards your CTA. 


In-house marketing teams


I take the strain when you're up against it, helping with persuasive sales brochures, SEO-enhanced blogs, video scripts and more.


Marketing agencies


I save busy marketing agencies precious time writing emails and newsletters. Expand your team whenever you need to. 

Why hiring me as your website content writer / copywriter could supercharge your business...

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Here's what it all boils down to: I've been working as a freelance content specialist for more than 15 years.

Which means I can write great copy quicker and more effectively than anyone I know.

I have written more than 5,000 pieces of copy for businesses as large as Harrods and as small as your local dentist.


Whatever your organisation, I can find a way to make it both brilliantly easy to understand and highly attractive to your customers. And that's a skill that is worth its weight in gold.

Getting your clients from A-B

Writing clear, direct copy means ditching all the nice but irrelevant fluff. Binning the jargon. It's my job to strip out everything that gets in the way of getting your customers from A-B.

I'm here to work out how every word on your website or in your other marketing material will expand your audience, lead to more sales, generate happier customers or do whatever else it is that you're trying to do. 

Experience + a great brief + the latest tech tools = copywriting gold*

*Copywriting gold: noun.

Written content designed to generate leads, inspire brand loyalty and promote sales.


I have been writing professionally for 25+ years, 15 of them in the field of digital content writing.


Today, I spend the lion's share of every week helping businesses just like yours to create marketing material, improve their websites or launch new ones that have been built with both SEO and conversion in mind.

A great brief

Defining what you need is never a 10-minute job: we have to zoom in on exactly what it is that you want from me.


I'm highly skilled at finding out what kind of content you require and developing it so that it complements your wider business goals. Never pay for copy that has no purpose!

Tech tools

Pro-level SEO tools show me what kind of keywords to use and provide guidance on other top-secret ways to help optimise your Google rankings and your performance on other search engines.


I'll also generate easy-to-follow wireframes to help you visualise your copy flow and, if required, do rapid dummy design sprints to give you a taster of what your content could look like. Few other copywriters do all this!

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What to look for in a freelance copywriter 

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Your freelance copywriter needs to be able to do two things really well. The first is to rapidly get their head around complex things that they're not very familiar with.

The second is to write effective copy using persuasive language. This could be conversion-focused website copywriting... SEO copywriting... tailored sales content... copywriting for emails. It's all about finding the words you need to sell or explain your business to anyone who is prepared to give you their attention for a couple of seconds.

A seasoned pro content writer / website copywriter like me is your secret weapon on both counts.


I will use my decades of experience to try and turn those precious few seconds of attention into a minute. Which then becomes your gateway to a sales enquiry, a sign-up for a newsletter – or that all-important click on a landing page.

Being able to 'get' a variety of businesses and write effective copy in this way only comes with experience.

Would you put any other key business function in the hands of a novice?

Business owners and marketing teams often come to me after other freelance copywriters and website content writers they used just didn't deliver.

​The problem is almost always that their copywriter wasn't experienced enough. This usually results in needlessly flowery copy, poorly-defined messaging, lacklustre SEO/keyword work and a multitude of other sins.

And all the time that you're trying out these new freelancers – people who don't get it, or who seem like great value, or who promise the moon but under-deliver – your marketing work is dying. The clock is ticking and you're losing business.

Hitting the ground running

When you work with me, it's different. I'm 100% focused on helping you to achieve your business and marketing goals.

That means:


I'll push you during discovery.


I'll chisel away at cracks in the brief.


I'll poke around your best competitors to see why they're winning – and then hit the ground running.

And when you realise that you have someone fighting your corner who really does get it, the head-scratching, the awkward pauses and the endless chains of emails that delay progress fade away.

You'll start receiving finely-tuned written content for your websites (new ones or existing sites), landing pages, social posts, brochures and more.


Plus all of this compelling copy will be painstakingly written by one person: me! Not some hired gun with little experience – which may be the case if you were using an agency.

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Getting your copywriter to do your legwork for you

Don't worry if you're not 100% sure what you need. Whatever your sector, whatever the message you want to convey, if you've come to the conclusion that you need a skilled UK copywriter / website writer to give your words the rocket fuel they need to stand out, let's talk.

Because copywriting is not something you want to handle yourself. If creating copy isn't your day job, there's a very real chance you just won't get it right.

So... you do you. And let me do the heavy lifting.

It's my job as an experienced freelance copywriter for websites and other marketing material to get to the heart of what people need to know when they arrive at your site – or when they see your other written content.


Exactly as I have for countless other organisations, both here in the UK and as far afield as Singapore, Dubai, the USA and Finland.

I'm here to make complex messages more accessible to everyone.

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Design sprints

6 reasons why I'm not your run-of-the-mill freelance copywriter

Spoiler alert: all copywriters are NOT created equal...

1/ Decades of experience

More than 5,000 pieces of copy delivered. From large website copywriting projects to Facebook ads, LinkedIn articles, corporate content and beyond.

Open magazine pages of work by copywriter Mike Peake
Open magazine pages of work by copywriter Mike Peake

2/ Rigorous discovery & briefing

Mike Peake _ New client questions copy.png

What are your competitors doing? What do you do better? Who is your target audience? I work with all clients to nail the perfect brief – aided by proven tools and frameworks.

3/ Planning & wireframes

Whether you need copy in one go or in small chunks, I can work to your schedule and show you how everything interconnects for a seamless user experience.

Mock-up of a website page
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4/ Rapid visuals

For no extra fee (because it helps me, too), I can rapidly show you how your copy could look on a website, brochure, social post etc. Some clients find this extremely helpful when briefing designers. Few other UK freelance copywriters do this!

5/ SEO copywriting tools

6/ A future-facing work ethic

Pro-quality, premium tools help me see what keywords I need to cover to boost your chances of ranking. Plus: they provide me with critical insight into how best to attack the copy itself.

SEO keywords software
SEO keywords software

As well as staying on top of SEO news and trends and investing in the right tech, I'm here to work with you to ensure you have a reliable copywriting partner for tomorrow and beyond.

Why do I need a freelance website copywriter / content writer for my website?

An experienced freelance website writer understands how to communicate key messages in a succinct way. Most business owners have a very good idea of what they want to say, but they sometimes over-complicate things – especially when writing content for their websites. A skilled freelance writer can help with all of your content creation. MORE >

Do I need a blog?

According to the much-respected digital marketing guru Neil Patel – among many others – the answer is yes. When a business regularly adds blog postings over a period of several years, they steadily amass relevant content on a wide range of subjects relating to their sector. This is where a freelance website content writer can help. MORE >

Is a freelance web content writer and a freelance copywriter the same thing?

Not exactly – but there is some crossover. Copywriting is a job which has its roots in advertising; copywriters historically are creatives who use words to convey a message that will form the backbone of advertising material. Website copy and content writing take some cues from this discipline, but web pages are typically longer and span a multitude of needs. MORE >

What does it cost to hire a freelance copywriter for my website/marketing copy?

Ah, the $64,000 question. The truth is: we're all different. A top-end copywriter who has worked for a large agency and is now working as a consultant can charge upwards of £1k a day (and then some!). I might be an experienced copywriter, but I'm more affordable than that – though not as wallet-friendly as an entry-level copywriter.  MORE >

Does a copywriter for websites come up with creative ideas?

I can't speak for all freelance website copywriters, but I certainly do! I've been helping people to tackle creative challenges and develop new ideas for more than two decades, so if you're in the early phases of web development and wondering when to get a copywriter in, the answer is... yesterday! I'll look at what you're trying to achieve and hit you with ideas that will lead you to where you want to be. Drop me a line for some examples. 

What's the best way to improve my website quickly?

Great question – and it's one that more business owners should be asking themselves on a regular basis. I have a few thoughts and tips about this on my new blog. More posts coming soon!

About Mike's copyriting work

Freelance copywriter Mike Peake has many years of proven experience writing for brands based in the UK, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Belgium, Sweden, the United States, Finland, Canada and more. He has found the perfect words for dozens of well-known organisations, small businesses and fast-growing firms as well as a multitude of magazines and newspapers as a freelance writer – including The Sunday Times, Harrods magazine, Country Life, Gulf News (UAE), Outside magazine, Esquire, the BBC and many more. 

A former senior editor of one of the world's biggest magazines, he is these days more often hired as a UK freelance copywriter and website writer by clients who need his writing skills when looking for engaging web copy and marketing materials across multiple sectors, including construction, FMCG, sustainability, luxury brands, packaging, software, electric vehicles, creativity, property and more. Additionally, Mike is an accomplished case study writer and freelance business writer, with repeat commissions for a variety of well-known UK companies (including banks and government organisations) aimed at SMEs, startups and entrepreneurs. In tandem with this, there are regular international assignments for several large corporations in Sweden, Finland and Switzerland.

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Copywriting services include: CEO ghostwriting, content planning, creative writing/creative copywriting, business writing, marketing copywriting, web copywriting, social media posts, SEO blogging and digital copywriting work. Mike also has proven experience in press releases, product descriptions, direct-sales copywriting, OOH advertising and can, in certain circumstances, agree to use AI to create content when speed and volume are key factors. He is also a member of the ProCopywriters Alliance.


Mike says: "If you've been desperately typing 'I need a content writer for my website' or 'freelance copywriter near me' into Google and wondering how to make sense of the results, drop me a line! ​I'm very much a freelance copywriter for hire – more affordable in most cases than using digital agencies – and I usually have availability in 3-5 weeks, though I can sometimes fit in urgent jobs more quickly. If you're looking for an experienced copywriter to create great copy that can make interesting things happen, I'd love to help you find the words you need."

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