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A top website copywriter to 
your online content!



Because every great business needs an experienced freelance copywriter. 

Swap your underperforming copy that people gloss over like they're reading bus tickets for powerful words designed to attract, engage and sell.

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Current & previous copywriting clients include:

+ dozens of smaller businesses, too!

"At TITAN Containers, we've discovered a true wordsmith in Mike. I am proud to recommend him to those in need of exceptional copywriting services."

Rasmus Nørgaard, Group CMO, TITAN Containers, Jan 2024

Need an experienced copywriter for your web copy or marketing content? Why not do what the people above did and...

6 things I bring to the copywriting party

really important!

1. Efficient, professional service

Website projects in particular can be taxing. Bring an expert onside and get off to the best possible start.

3. UX, conversion and SEO all factored in

Don't waste your web real estate on pointless or confusing content! I take care of everything.

5. More than 150 satisfied clients

Feel confident that your website writing or other copywriting project will be in safe hands.

2. Proactive work ethic + relevant expertise

Kickstart your project without endless meetings – saving you time and energy.

4. Great value

More than 15 years in copywriting = speed and efficiency = cost savings long-term.

6. A starter kit for your design team

On request, your copy is delivered with rough visuals so those all-important words don't lose their impact.

Woah there! Hiring a novice copywriter could be a disaster for your business!

Great copywriting is really hard.


Whether it's a brochure, a sales email or your all-important business website, every word, every sentence, every snippet of critical information MUST count.


Or you'll lose your audience.


And your sales won't just suffer. They'll die.

  • Did you know that 80% of readers will get no further than your headline?


  • Or that poorly planned websites will befuddle your readers and leave them clueless about what to do next?


This is no place for amateurs or cut-price newcomers!


And taking the DIY route will put you on a path littered with pitfalls.

Copywriting is a critical process that underpins your entire business. So don't wing it...

The nuclear sign. Must be really bad.

MP Jan 2024.png

As well as writing showstopping copy, I can:

  • Brief designers (leaning on 15+ years of experience).

  • Apply strategic insight when it comes to SEO and using keywords.

  • Advise on everything from user experience (UX) to tone of voice.

Hi. I'm Mike.




I'm a freelance copywriter who creates brilliantly simple, tailored copy for companies large and small.


Copy that is designed to attract new clients and quickly help them understand why they should do business with you.

It's that simple. Even if it is quite hard to do.


15+ years

satisfied clients

1 million+
words written

Sectors covered: Commercial | Tech | Property | SaaS | Retail | B2B | Healthcare | B2C | Industrial 

 Finance | Rrecruitment | Travel | Luxury | Government | Shipping | Training & More

So. What can I actually do for you?


Business owners


I create easy-to-follow, focused web content that explains your benefits and nudges customers towards your CTA. 


In-house marketing teams


I take the strain when you're up against it, helping with persuasive sales brochures, SEO-enhanced blogs, content marketing & more.


Marketing agencies


I save busy marketing agencies precious time writing emails and newsletters. Expand your copywriter team whenever you need to. 

My copywriting services help your audience to:

Understand what you do.


Have confidence in your brand.


Know what to do next (buy, sign up, etc.) 


Complete that action.


Why hiring me as your website content writer / freelance copywriter can supercharge your business...

Here's what it all boils down to: experience. I've been working as a freelance content specialist for more than 15 years.

Which means I can write great copy quicker and more effectively than anyone I know.

I have written more than 5,000 pieces of copy for businesses as large as Harrods and as small as your local dentist.


Whatever your organisation, I can find a way to make it both brilliantly easy to understand and highly attractive to your customers.

Working with Mask_edited.jpg

Great copywriting should move your customers from A-B – quickly

It's my job as your copywriter to strip out all the nice but irrelevant fluff. I'm here to move your customers from A-B in the shortest time possible.

The goal is to generate websites and marketing material that will expand your audience, lead to more sales or generate happier customers. Here's what's in my toolkit:


I have been writing professionally for 25+ years, 15 of them in the field of digital content and website copywriting.


Today, I spend most weeks helping businesses just like yours to improve or launch their websites – with a focus on SEO, UX and conversion. I also write sales and marketing emails, look after brochure copywriting, and book in other freelance copywriter gigs that clients need me to take care of.

A great brief

I'm highly skilled at finding out what kind of content you require and developing the brief so that my copywriting work complements your wider business goals. Never pay for copy that has no purpose!

Tech tools

Pro-level SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) tools show me what keywords to use (71% of all businesses invest in stategic keyword use). They also provide guidance on other top-secret ways to help optimise your Google rankings and your performance on other search engines when you hire me as your website copywriter.

What to look for in a freelance copywriter

Your freelance copywriter needs to be able to rapidly get his or her head around complex things that they're not very familiar with.

They must also deliver effective copy using persuasive language. This could be conversion-focused website copywriting, SEO copywriting, tailored sales content, copywriting for emails, or something else.


I draw on decades of experience to find words that are designed to hold people's attention.

Which becomes the gateway to a sales enquiry. Or a sign-up for a newsletter. Or that all-important click on your landing page or 'buy now' button.

Being able to 'get' a variety of businesses and write effective copy in this way only comes with years of practice.

Smart Watch_edited.jpg

Copywriting counts. Would you put any other key business function in the hands of a novice?

Business owners and marketing teams often come to me after other freelance copywriters and website content writers they tried out didn't give them what they needed.

​In almost every case, their copywriter wasn't experienced enough.


And all the time that you're trying out these new freelancers, your website and marketing work are dying. The clock is ticking and you're losing business.


The testimonials at the top of this page are from some of my customers who kindly put pen to paper to share how working with me had helped their business. I give 100% – every time. And I'll bring the same expertise, experience and commitment to your project, too.

Written content to help you hit the ground running

When you work with me, I'm totally focused on helping you to achieve your business and marketing goals.

That means:


I'll push you during discovery.


I'll chisel away at cracks in the brief.


And I'll poke around your best competitors to see why they're winning.

Before you know it, you'll start receiving the finely-tuned website copy and other written content you've been yearning for.


And whether that's fantastic copy for a new website or a shot in the arm for an existing one (or landing pages, digital ads, brochures etc.), you can rest assured that it's been written by me.


Not a bunch of web copywriters with little experience – which may be the case if you were using an agency.

Getting your freelance copywriter to do your legwork for you

If creating copy isn't your day job, there's a very real chance you won't get it right. You might even get it spectacularly wrong.

So... you do you. And let me do the heavy lifting.

It's my job as an experienced freelance copywriter for websites and other marketing material to put your business in the best possible light – exactly as I have for countless other organisations, both here in the UK and all over the world. Companies across Europe in particular hire me as an international copywriter when they need pristine English-language copy for their non UK-based business.

My mission is simple. I'm on a quest to find the words that will help your business to grow.

Freelance copywriting FAQ

Website copywriting, pricing, blogs and more.

Why do I need freelance website copywriting services for my business?

An experienced freelance website writer understands how to communicate key messages in a succinct way. Most business owners have a good idea of what they want to say, but they sometimes over-complicate things. A good freelance website copywriter or skilled freelance content writer can help with all of your content creation, and in an SEO-friendly manner, too. 

What does it cost to hire a UK copywriter for my content marketing or website copy?

Ah, the $64,000 question. The truth is: we're all different. At the top end of the freelance copywriting tree is someone who has worked for a large agency and is now working as a consultant – they can charge upwards of £1.5k a day (and then some!). I'm more affordable than that – though not as wallet-friendly as an entry-level, inexperienced copywriter for website content, for example. But hey – you get what you pay for, and quality content doesn't come cheap!

Does a copywriter for websites come up with creative ideas?

I can't speak for all copywriters, but I certainly do. I've been helping people to tackle creative challenges and develop new ideas for more than two decades. If you're in the early phases of web development and wondering when to get a copywriter in, the answer is... yesterday! I'll look at what you're trying to achieve and hit you with ideas (including rough designs) that will lead you to where you want to be – brand story/brand voice included. Drop me a line for some examples. 

Hey, Mr Website Writer! Why is my website not perfoming as I want it to?

If you hire a writer for website content who doesn't understand the myriad components that make up a successful site (or the copywriting process behind it), you're going to end up with a mediocre website. And that won't lead to great business. So keep on asking yourself how you (or your copywriter) can improve your site, as your website content writing needs constant fine-tuning! As an experienced copywriter, I have lots of thoughts and tips about great website copy on my blog. A starter for 10? If you are a business owner, look at your CTAs.

About Mike's copyriting work

UK Freelance copywriter Mike Peake has many years of proven experience writing for brands based in Great Britain, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Belgium, Sweden, the United States, Finland, Canada and more. He has found the perfect words for dozens of well-known organisations, as well as a multitude of magazines and newspapers as a freelance writer – including The Sunday Times, Harrods magazine, Country Life, Gulf News (UAE), Outside magazine, Esquire, the BBC and many more. 

A former senior editor of one of the world's biggest magazines, he is more often hired today as a UK copywriter by clients who need his website copywriting writing skills when looking for engaging web copy and also for other marketing materials. Multiple sectors are covered, including construction, FMCG, sustainability, luxury brands, packaging, software, electric vehicles, property, travel and more. Additionally, Mike is an accomplished case study writer and has a long track record as a freelance business writer with repeat commissions for a variety of well-known UK companies (including banks and government organisations) aimed at driving growth among SMEs and entrepreneurs. In tandem with this, there are regular international assignments as a content writer for several large corporations in Sweden and Finland.


Copywriting services include: CEO ghostwriting, content planning, creative writing/creative copywriting, business writing, marketing copywriting, ad copy, content creation, web copywriting, content strategy, social media ads, SEO-friendly (search engine optimisation) blogging, UX copywriting, digital marketing, general content writing services, brochure copywriting and digital copywriting work. In short: anything for SMEs, startups, marketing agencies or large businesses who need a copywriter or content writer to help with generating leads or explaining what you do to your target audience. Mike also has proven experience in press releases, product descriptions, direct-sales copywriting, OOH advertising and may, in certain circumstances, agree to use AI to create content for content writing (upon request) if speed and volume are key factors. He is also a member of the Pro Copywriters UK Alliance.


Mike says: "If you've been desperately typing 'I need a content writer for my website / content writer for web / freelance copywriter near me' into Google and wondering how to make sense of the results, why not drop me a line? ​I'm very much a freelance copywriter for hire – more affordable in most cases than using digital agencies – and I usually have availability in 3-5 weeks, though I can sometimes fit in urgent jobs more quickly. If you're looking for an experienced website copywriter or digital marketing person to create great copy that can make interesting things happen, I'd love to help you find the words you need."

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