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"All your copywriting work is absolutely world-class, Mike. I don't know how you do it, but you nail it every time. I'm still smiling at this last bit you did for us!"  


David Morgan, founder, Boardroom Punks

When you need:
  Professionally-written content that lights up
     your website...

      Crisp, clear sentences that are gloriously

          Carefully-crafted headlines/CTAs
             designed to entice and engage...


I can help

Previous clients include:
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So, how do I convince you that hiring me as your website content writer / copywriter is a brilliant idea?...

The best answer – which might not sound all that riveting but is actually really important – is that I've been working as a freelance content specialist for more than 15 years.

And that means I'll 'get' whatever it is that you need from your content writer really quickly.


Quite simply, the greatest possible asset that a writer can bring to the party is experience. Don't believe me? Try out a novice writer and judge for yourself.


I've lost count of the number of businesses who've come to me and said, "We've had a few difficulties with freelance copywriters and website content writers in the past – can you help?"

Seriously – finding someone who can actually do this, and do it well, is hard.

And all the time that you're "trying out" someone who doesn't get it, or who seems like great value, or who promises the moon but under-delivers, the clock is ticking.

When I work with you, I've got to be a good fit – or I'm out. If your sector baffles me or your deliverables are so vague that it makes my head hurt, I'll politely back away.


But once I'm onside, I'm your new secret weapon. I'll push you during discovery. I'll chisel away at cracks in the brief. I'll poke around your best competitors to see why they're winning – and then hit the ground running.


And when you realise that you do have someone fighting your corner who really does get it, the head-scratching, the awkward pauses and the endless chains of emails that delay progress fade away.


You'll start receiving the finely-tuned written content that you're looking for in a timely, efficient, cost-effective manner.

But don't panic if you're not 100% sure what you need. Whatever your sector, whatever the message you need to convey, if you've come to the conclusion that you need a skilled, freelance copywriter / content writer to give your words the rocket fuel they need to stand out, let's talk.


Other copywriters and website writers may lack experience – or they are "schooled" in the art of SEO content writing (and not much more). There are lots of website content writers who can write an article that gets a green light on Yoast, but they often fall short when it comes to more challenging work.

As well as becoming your go-to freelance SEO copywriter (using pro-level SEO content tools), I can help you to unravel what's not quite right about your current web content, and then give it a shot of interstellar multivitamins to lift it to new levels.


Or I can write dazzling, all-new web content for a B2B or B2C launch from scratch.


I've been writing every day since forever – and that means as well as providing blisteringly effective web copy, it's my job to help potential customers from across the UK and beyond with targeted, original marketing material, such as:


  • Copywriting for email marketing campaigns designed to drive engagement and/or sales

  • Facebook ads and social media for other digital platforms

  • Brochures and other printed or digital 'leave-behinds'

  • White papers

  • Instagram posts

  • SEO-enriched blogs

  • Straplines for businesses

  • Ghostwriting for CEOs

  • And more!


By partnering up with the right creative copywriter – someone who puts his back into this, day in, day out – you can boost your chances of customers buying into your brand and wanting to work with you or buy from you.

Which is where I come in.


It's my job as an experienced skilled freelance copywriter to look at your company and get to the heart of what people really need to know when they arrive at your site or see your written material.

I'm here to make complex messages more accessible to everyone.

All of my writing services require time, collaboration, creative thinking, an appreciation of SEO – plus a clear idea of your specific goals.

I tap into more than two decades of writing experience at the highest level to deliver work that counts for something.

This means the work you'll receive from me is quite different to what you might receive from a 'content mill', who typically churn out mediocre copy rapidly and cheaply.

Because the fact is, only a tiny percentage of the many thousands of freelance copywriters out there can actually deliver bespoke, high-quality work. (Hint: this is where you infer that I am one of them.)

Here's how I approach five different types of brief:


  • Your homepage should crackle with energy and make people want to know more about your brand and the ways in which their lives will improve when they buy from or work with you. It's my goal as a freelance web content writer to find the right tone and message for your homepage – and add the best keywords so that you have a fighting chance when it comes to ranking on search engines.

  • Landing pages that people arrive at because they are responding to a campaign should quickly and clearly explain your proposition and make them feel like they'll miss out on something special if they don't sign up. Landing page content writing is not about essays; it's more about making a select few words really count.

  • Copywriting for marketing material such as newsletters, email copywriting, billboards and content marketing begins with a conversation about the key messages that you want to convey. Outcome is critical, too: do you want readers to click on a link? Pick up the phone? Or just be blown away by your story? Freelance copywriting work that hits home is not something that people learn how to do overnight!

  • Business writing requires specialist inside knowledge. My approach typically involves researching a subject and tracking down relevant experts who will bring extra authority to the story. Having written 200+ articles for the SME customers of RBS and countless more for similar publications, I have a head-start on many other freelance writers. This also helps when ghostwriting or creating content for CEOs.


  • When copywriting for luxury brands, I lean on seven years of writing experience for Harrods magazine, as well as a body of work that includes writing copy for Superyacht Life, Etihad airlines, The Kensington And Chelsea magazine, House of Creed magazine and Country Life. 




Over the course of a long and varied writing career, I have emerged as an award-winning writer and editor well placed to help four distinct types of client:

1/ Anyone in need of a sharp, focused website writer for – someone who can provide carefully crafted, quality content for a homepage, an ‘about us’ profile or blogs. 
If you are an SME owner or marcomms professional and need a freelance website copywriter, drop me a line – whether you are a startup or an established firm.

2/ Brands who need a writer for landing page content or for Instagram posts, brochures, newsletters, Facebook ads or email marketing campaigns. A writer whose goal is to make your target audience pay attention. If you need an affordable one-stop solution, I also design basic promotional content, too. Please ask me for details and examples.

3/ Corporations or publications/digital channels in need of a content writer for business articles and profiles who can unearth the perfect words. I have many years of experience in writing for magazines and digital channels catering to both SMEs and global organisations – including several in the banking and sustainability sectors.

4/ Anyone who needs a luxury brand copywriter with experience of writing about the finer things in life, such as publishers who need articles for a print/digital publication. Or entrepreneurs who need help with the words for their own digital launch within the luxury sector.


The words you use in all of your public-facing communications are incredibly important. So it is critical that you choose the right person to take care of your content writing.


Some of the things that will feature in your choice are experience, flexibility, testimonials, availability, price and the general vibe you get from that writer via their site.

All of these should be factored in when searching for a freelance copywriter. In fact, I heartily recommend looking around a few writers' sites to get a feel for what they do.

But why do people choose me as their freelance copywriter for website content and other work? What can I actually do for you?

First of all, people tell me I am easy to work with, attentive, resourceful and dependable. I work very hard to deliver awesome written content that has been meticulously crafted to help them achieve their goals.


I can:

* Root out and change old content that isn't doing what it needs to – using top-tier paid SEO tools that I subscribe to if that's what you need.

* Create roadmaps for new or revamped websites to ensure that they are easy to progress through. Need title tags and meta descriptions? No problem.

* Work with designers on total site builds or rebuilds.

* Plan written promotional campaigns from scratch.

* Guide and advise on content strategy such as LinkedIn articles, surveys, white-papers and blogs.

* Copy-check and, if necessary, improve all of your written material – from product labels to trade-show copy and leaflets. Additionally, I have put my skills to use on everything from ghostwritten-CEO articles to funding pitches and even speeches.

Of course, anyone can claim they're able to pull a few levers and some great content spills out – which is why I draw people's attention to my long career in content writing.


I've actually been writing even longer than I've been helping organisations with their copy, and have written for countless newspapers, magazines and digital publications in the UK and all over the world.

Here's another great reason to come to me when you need a freelance copywriter: working with me can be a whole lot more cost-effective and a lot less hassle than hiring an agency :)

When it comes to writing copy, there's lots I can do for you and when working alongside your team – such as helping you to nail your homepage
coming up with a killer slogan for a brand or product, or creating content for a new website or digital campaign.

Why not drop me a line and I’ll spend some time thinking about how I can help you to get your message across?

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How to choose the right web content writer / copywriter for your project


I often come back to people I've worked with months after a project has been completed to suggest topical amendments that may help them to boost sales.


Need a freelance copywriter? Let's go!​

10 ways I can help with your copywriting and content writing needs... 


1. Website content writing to bring life and meaning to your web pages – whether you need web content for your site before launch or more of a 'homepage doctor' approach for an existing site.

2. Tone of voice copywriting for making sure that everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet – and that the sound coming out is rather more 'aaah' than 'aargh!'

3. Maybe you need a brochure copywriter to help you shout about your brand in print? A great brochure can be a fantastic leave-behind and can really make an impact.

4. Video ad and script copywriting for when you're struggling to get your message across in anything from 100 to 1,000 words.

5. Business writing – whether that be informative or creative writing for banking/finance/SME channels or providing additional support for LinkedIn Posts, ghostwritten CEO articles, etc.
6. Marketing campaign? Perhaps you need copy for email and newsletters or social posts? An email copywriter can seriously boost your chances when it comes to 'open' Vs 'delete'.

7. Luxury brand writing for when you need someone who knows a Rolex from a Piaget.

8. SEO-rich blog writing and content strategy to expand your authority online and bring your audience into your world on a regular basis.

9. Slogans and straplines – because 'Just Do It' has, sadly, been taken. I'll use my creative writing experience to find something with the punch you need. And yes, I'm happy to work alongside digital agencies.

10. Corporate content writing for that complex inside story you need to shout about. Recent clients include major names in the construction, food, events, training and sustainability sectors.

A former senior editor of one of the world's biggest lifestyle magazines, he is these days more often hired as a UK freelance copywriter and web content copywriter to develop engaging web and marketing content for clients in multiple sectors, including construction, FMCG, sustainability, luxury brands, packaging, software, electric vehicles, creativity, property and more. Additionally, Mike is an accomplished case study writer and freelance business writer, with repeat commissions for a variety of well-known UK companies (including banks and government organisations) aimed at SMEs, startups and entrepreneurs. In tandem with this, there are regular international assignments for several large corporations in Sweden, Finland and Switzerland.


Freelance writer / freelance copywriter Mike Peake has written for brands based in the UK, Dubai, Singapore, Belgium, Sweden, the United States and Finland. He has written for dozens of well-known organisations, small businesses and fast-growing firms as well as a multitude of magazines and newspapers, including The Sunday Times, Harrods magazine, Country Life, Gulf News (UAE), Outside magazine, Esquire, the BBC and many more.


CEO ghostwriting, content planning, creative copywriting, business website writing, marketing copywriting and SEO blogging assignments are all regularly undertaken. Less common but still within my comfort zone: press releases and product descriptions and direct sales copywriting. I'm also a member of the ProCopywriters Alliance.


If you've been desperately hammering random terms like "I need a content writer for my website", "get me a freelance copywriter" or "experienced content writers for website copy" into Google and wondering how to make sense of the results, drop me a line! ​I'm a freelance copywriter for hire and I usually have availability in 2-4 weeks' time, though I can sometimes fit in urgent jobs more quickly.