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CASE STUDY: New website copy for well-established UK brand (2023)

marked improvement.jpg

Successful UK bespoke learning company Marked Improvement were investing in a serious upgrade of their branding and web content and asked me to work with them on the project.


They were great to work with and had a clear idea of how to position the brand. My job was to inject personality into the website and make sure their experience and credibility shone through. I also offered several 'design prompts' to help them through the next stages. The full site is still in development; this is the new homepage.

Check out the Marked Improvement website.


"It’s easy to underestimate the value of professional copywriting. If you can produce copy for your new website or marketing campaign yourself, why get someone else to do it? But working with Mike proved how valuable it can be, as he brought a fresh perspective to our e-learning business, with the ability to distil clarity from complexity and confusion. We’d certainly recommend Mike to anyone else with a similar need."
Charles Shields, Director, Marked Improvement

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