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Business copywriting

A business copywriter can help make sure that your staff, customers or industry peers get the information they need.

My freelance copywriting career puts me in (or certainly near to) the driving seat for businesses large and small.


I have been asked to put my writing skills to use for SMEs, large corporations and startups of every shape and size.


While they often hire me as their website copywriter, they also need general business content that will help them in a variety of ways.

That could be:

  • Ghostwritten CEO articles

  • Interviews with stakeholders

  • Microcopy for forms and buttons

  • Profiles and biographies

  • Corporate LinkedIn posts

  • And more.

Running a successful copywriting business requires flexibility and fast turnaround. I am here to help your organisation in any way I can.

A freelance copywriter working across all sectors

In the world of freelance copywriting, specialisation is relatively rare. Most people who run a copywriting business offer their services across the board.

The trick when working with a new client is being able to ask the right questions that will help me understand the inner workings of a company quickly. That's the secret of all good copywriting services.


An experienced business copywriter will get to the root of the message in double-quick time.

My knowledge bank is forever being upgraded. Senior business leaders have guided me through subjects as diverse as online education, shipping containers, neuroscience, hyponotherapy, high-tech elevator systems, SaaS, art management and much more. 

Helping me add to my broad general knowledge of the business world is a five-year track record writing weekly articles for one of the UK's main banks

I have also written business articles for:

  • Be The Business

  • iwoca

  • Grant Thornton

  • AAT

  • Ulster Bank

This work has resulted in interviews with countless CEOs and MDs. Their words – and my own research – have been turned into articles designed to enlighten and inspire fellow business owners.

If you'd like to know how I can deliver the content you are looking for, why not drop me a line? I offer a free consultation to all new clients and look forward to hearing more about what you need.

Ulster Bank business copywriting
NatWest business copywriting
Be The Business copywriting
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