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This in-depth copywriting service for businesses helps them test brand new homepage copy – and get a clear idea of how it performs.

The most important part of your website is almost certainly your homepage – and, more specifically, the 'above the fold' bit at the top, which is what everyone sees first.

In the case of my own website, it's this bit:


home page 2024.jpg

As a professional freelance copywriter and website writer, I pay serious attention to these things. And I have lost count of the number of times I have arrived at a business website – especially those in the B2B arena – and been left utterly confused about what they actually do.


Businesses need to be direct and clear in this unbelievably precious space, and yet many of them leave visitors scratching their heads.


If you haven't been able to explain what you do in the briefest of moments, then every extra second you need people to linger (trying to work out what you do) increases the risk they will leave.


One answer is to hire a seasoned homepage copywriter. An experienced freelance copywriter like me who will strip away the jargon, consolidate key messages and sum up your entire business – no matter how sprawling – in a short, sharp body of text. And all in the most appealing way possible.


The next step is to embark upon a round of testing. This lets us see what visitors do when arriving at your website, and we can see how things change once new homepage copy has been implemented. We can keep iterating to get to that perfect sweet-spot where everything is working perfectly.


This isn't an overnight job. It's not something billable as a couple of hours' copywriting work. To find the key messages, test the homepage copy and make sure it's exactly what you need, it's likely to be several days' work spread over a couple of weeks.


But it might just be the most effective use of your budget ever.


Because if visitors don't 'get' what you do when they arrive at your website, you're as good as hanging the wrong sign over your front door.


Why not get in touch for more information about how my years of experience as a UK freelance copywriter can help you to create a homepage that really counts? There's no charge for an initial consultation – and I like to be pretty generous with my time whenever possible.

Every great business needs a killer website in order to grow

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Why brilliant websites need a copywriter as well as a designer

Many of the companies that I work with as a freelance website content writer are SMEs and startups.


Small businesses like these almost always budget for a designer when launching or relaunching their website, because design is a specialist skill. But writing? Owners sometimes think: "How hard can it be?"

Business owners often come to me after they've "had a go" themselves. They figured they could bypass a copywriter and do the writing in-house – and sometimes that works.

But sometimes it doesn't. Let's face it, badly-written or confusing business websites are all over the internet.

The curse of the confusing website

It happens all the time: you look at a website – especially one in the B2B space – and think, "So what exactly is it that you do?"

The fact is, many businesses struggle to sum up their offering in a succinct way.


Or they're so desperate to sound serious and important that they litter their website content with jargon that hardly anyone can understand. 

While founders and their teams are full of great ideas, this doesn't necessarily mean they are able to clearly direct people through their website.


Or explain the benefits of their product or service.


Or write a compelling 'About Us' page.


Or deliver a consistent and readable set of blogs.

If your website is not converting at the rate you believe it could or should, then there is probably something wrong with your product or your website.


I can't fix your product, but my many years of experience as both a B2B copywriter and a B2C copywriter mean that I can help make your website's words really explain the benefits of what you do.

A freelance copywriter fighting your corner

Making homepage and other web content truly shine is an area in which a seasoned website copywriter / web content specialist like me can prove invaluable.


I can add rocket fuel to the content, ensure that logic and clarity underpin the website's navigation – and hopefully find the exact words that will make your website somewhere to linger. And not swiftly exit.

Drop me a quick email and I'll tell you how my freelance website copywriting work can help your business. 


Me, fighting someone's corner yesterday.

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