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Video ad and video script copywriting

A video script copywriter can find the words you need for your project.

Explainer videos are becoming increasingly popular. They're a great way for a brand to show an audience a concept in a short, snappy way – and a video script that has been prepared by a pro freelance copywriter can help you make sure that it is clear and effective.

You can go to a large agency to handle your video scripts – but you should expect to dig deep. Marketing videos often come with a high price-tag.

If you have less lofty ambitions, hiring a freelance video copywriter to look after your video content might be the ideal solution.

* Maybe you need a scripted video from your CEO for your website?

* Perhaps you need explainer video scripts for social media about a new product, or a marketing video that turns a potentially dull history of the brand into something people will actually want to watch?

* Or maybe you need a video script copywriter for a short digital ad campaign, built on a snappy, memorable slogan and an easy-to-shoot concept – or one that uses free file footage?

Yonderdesk – video copywriting
Yonderdesk video content

I've written effective video scripts for businesses in a number of sectors, including real estate, virtual offices and EV charging. I'll look at your target audience, unearth a good story that will help with your marketing strategy – and then get to work.

Video scriptwriting services are exactly the kind of thing that falls well within the remit of a seasoned freelance copywriter: we use our experience to make complex messages more accessible and easy to follow.

If you'd like a freelance video script copywriter to help find the right words for your project, why not drop me a line?

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