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CASE STUDY: site-wide web copy for leading UK hypnotherapist (2023-2024)

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Some copywriting projects last for months. Such was the case with the Fix My Mind website, where plans for a new-look version of the site involved UX designers, SEO specialists, developers, my professional copywriting services and more. 

I was involved from day one, writing many thousands of words of clear, focused copy designed to drive home this popular London hypnotherapy practice's unbeatable credentials. Clear CTAs and lots of SEO work were also part of my remit. It was an excellent project to be involved with that required lots of communication and patience. Conversions shot up more than 30% the week after relaunch. ***Update: work on the site is ongoing throughout 2024, with regular strategic refinements to boost conversion and SEO.

Check out the Fix My Mind website.


"I'll always come to you for my website copywriting, Mike, because you give me exactly what I want first time, every time."
James Mallinson, co-founder, Fix My Mind

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