Targeted digital and print content to help businesses

communicate effectively and clearly with their customers. 






A freelance copywriter / content writer can help both SMEs and international corporations to explain how they solve their customers' problems.

We write words that inspire action in marketing and email campaigns and build bridges between brand and customer. 

Past and present clients:

So, uhm. Why
choose me?

Your written content is an integral part of your communications, whether you’re looking for a clear, informative article for content marketing purposes, or trying to find the best way to welcome people to your website.


Each type of writing needs a different approach. Your home-page should make people feel an attachment to your brand that encourages them to linger. Specific landing pages that they arrive at because they have clicked on an ad or are responding to a marketing campaign should very succinctly explain your offer and inspire them to sign up.


Business writing requires specialist knowledge – as does writing for the luxury sector, both of which I do alongside copywriting work. For the business and luxury markets, what’s required is someone who speaks the precise language of the intended reader – someone who knows an angel investor from a VC, or a Vacheron Constantin from a Rolex.


In a career spanning 20+ years, I have immersed myself in the above worlds and emerged as an award-winning writer well placed to help four distinct types of client:

+ People who need sharp, focused web copy – be that their home page, ‘about us’ pages or blogs.

+ Brands who need landing page content or marketing material that will inspire immediate action.

+ Corporations or publications/digital channels in need of business articles or general news/insights content for their websites. I have experience of writing for both SMEs and large corporations – including several in the sustainability sector.

+ Anyone who needs a writer with a solid grasp of the luxury sector – whether that be publishers who need articles for a print/digital publication or business owners who need help with the words for their own website (I wrote for Harrods magazine for six years).


But – why me? What can I actually do as a content writer for your business? Firstly, my clients tell me I am easy to work with, resourceful and dependable – and they know that I want them to prosper. I work hard to give them exactly what they want. In most cases, that means great copy that clearly explains a benefit of some kind to their readers.


Also – there’s the simple matter that experience counts for a lot. Over two decades, I have written for more than 50 newspapers, magazines and digital publications in the UK, Canada, the US, Dubai and Singapore, and I have helped businesses large and small in those countries (and also in Sweden, Finland and Belgium) to find the right words for their audiences.

There's a small but important third point too: hiring me can be a lot more cost-effective than employing an agency, whose considerable overheads will need to be factored into their fee. And who do these people ultimately hire to do the actual work? Someone like me.

Why not drop me a line and I’ll spend some time thinking about how I can help your business.

Great. So where do we go next?
12 ways I can help... 

1. Website content writing to bring life and meaning to your pages – whether your site needs a total overhaul, starting from scratch or more of a 'home page doctor' approach.

2. Brand copywriting to make sure your message is conveyed correctly.

3. Tone of voice development for making sure that everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet – and that the sound coming out is sweet and consistent.

4. Maybe you need a brochure copywriter to help you shout about your brand in print?

5. Radio ad copywriting for when you have someone's ear for 30 seconds or less.

6. Video ads and scripts for when you're trying to engage people for a little bit longer... or struggling to get your message across in just 100 words.

7. Business writing for banking/finance/SME websites, LinkedIn Posts, ghostwritten CEO articles, etc.

8. Marketing campaign? Perhaps you need copywriting for email and newsletter content.

9. Luxury sector writing for when you need someone who knows Blancpain from Bulova.

10. Blog writing and content strategy to expand your authority online and bring your audience into your world on a regular basis.

11. Copywriting for slogans and straplines – because 'Just Do It' has, sadly, been taken.

12. Corporate content writing for that complex inside story you need to shout about. Current clients include major names in the construction, food, events, training and sustainability sectors.

Tired of drawing a blank when Googling, "I need a writer!"?

Contact me!

Freelance writer / freelance copywriter Mike Peake currently has clients in the UK, Dubai, Singapore, Belgium, Sweden, the United States and Finland. He has written for dozens of well-known brands, as well as a multitude of magazines and newspapers, including The Sunday Times, Harrods magazine, Country Life, Gulf News (UAE), Outside magazine, Esquire, the BBC and many more.


A former senior editor of one of the world's biggest lifestyle magazines, he is these days more often hired to write content as a freelancer for clients in the business and luxury sectors. Most recently, much of this work has been as a freelance business writer, with repeat commissions for a variety of well-known UK business outlets (including banks and government organisations) aimed at SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurs. In tandem with this, there have been regular assignments for large corporations in Sweden and Finland covering the construction, maritime and sustainability sectors, as well as copywriting engagements for clients in a multitude of sectors (including property, luxury events, green energy, recruitment, hypnotherapy, retail and more).

Copywriting, content creation and planning, business website writing and website copy/blogging work all regularly undertaken – clients include French-speaking business owners who need English-language content for their websites. If you've been Googling "I need a content writer for my website" – look no further!


Most SMEs and start-ups budget for a web designer when launching or relaunching their website, but many often decide they will do the writing themselves. To try and illustrate that this may be a mistake, I would simply ask you to ponder: how many badly-written or confusing business websites have you seen?

SME founders sometimes struggle to sum up their offering in a succinct way – they're too close to the 'coal face'. They have too much to say. They may be full of great ideas, but that doesn't automatically mean they are able to clearly direct people through their website, explain the benefits of their product or service, write a compelling 'About Us' page or deliver a consistent and readable set of blogs.

If your website is not converting at the rate you believe it could or should, then there is something wrong with your product or your website. I can't fix your product, but I can help make the all-important words that people see when they first land really explain the benefits of what you do.

Making home page (and other) content truly shine is an area in which a seasoned website copywriter / web content specialist can prove invaluable. We will sharpen up the content, add logic to the website's navigation and hopefully find the exact words that will help make your website somewhere to linger – not swiftly exit – when people arrive for the very first time.

Drop me a quick email and I'll tell you what I can do. 

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